Safety & Compliance

We are a safety-focused company. Being safe is a critical aspect of the work we all do, every day. We provide our employees, suppliers, and contractors the information and tools they need to work safely. And we require anyone working with us to understand and work by our policies and practices. We stress the importance of safe driving and demand an alcohol- and drug-free workplace.

The health and safety of our workforce is of paramount importance at Washtech. But it's not just about saying it. It's about living it every day.

Our work is never too urgent or important that we cannot take the time to do it safely.

The foundation of our safety program is "The Journey to Zero" it is our goal to have an injury-free workplace, our program is put into practice through awareness, education and empowerment of our employees and contractors. Most gratifying of all is that our increased focus on safety has resulted in a significant reduction of on-the-job injuries. And that's what's really important. Because working at Washtech really does mean working safely.

Lone Worker Monitoring

Washtech utilizes cutting edge technology to monitor all of our employees working alone or isolation. The Always On Guard system ensures we keep in regular contact with our employees that are working alone or in isolation, our Health and Safety team is notified of any potential problem 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Petroleum Oriented Safety Training

All of our staff involved in Field Service activities have successfully completed POST training annually.

Training Programs

Washtech's commitment to safety is reinforced through our industry leading training programs.


Washtech uses the best available equipment in the industry to take our safety program to the next level. By using this equipment combined with our industry leading training programs have helped us significantly reduce work place injuries.

Field Audits

Washtech is committed to the "Journey to Zero" our Health and Safety team is continually performing unscheduled field audits on our technicians, this ensures our employees are working safely.