Hydrus Tech


Hydrus TechHydrus Tech

The essential of excellence.


The essential of excellence


450 to 1.500 washings/month (premium e air)

Simplicity of installation and use, optimal performance, an attractive price-value ratio, easy to manage, an extremely high yield: Hydrus Tech brings together the best of Ceccato’s experience.

Satisfaction guaranteed

For its reliability

Reliability means less maintenance required compared to all other manufacturers.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Return on investment guaranteed

Hydrus Tech was designed to create an excellent return on investment.

Satisfaction guaranteed

...to your customers as well.

Hydrus Tech is available in 2 versions:

Premium version

Profile in movement

This version is distinguished by the horizontal device’s action which carries out the pre-wash, wash and dry, tracing the vehicles' profile safely and precisely.

The jets of water and air are directed by an asymmetrical deflector in order to follow the vehicle's silhouette with maximum precision.

Air Plus version

Synchronized movement for added value

The water and air rotating sprayers provide a winning solution for a more complete wash and dry. The high-pressure water follows the surfaces with an excellent cleaning power, while the visual effect of the powerful water jets gives to the customers the pleasure of an efficient cleaning. The oscillating fans generate air flows with an elliptical trajectory with an all-encompassing effect that water to flow away quickly and freely, moving it towards the drainage areas.

Result: a perfectly dry car
The combined, in-sync action of the rotating / shifting motions and the option of varying the speed make for an effective, safe, and customer-approved wash / dry system.