Pegasus Tech


Pegasus Tech

A thoughtful evolution for automatic car washes.


A thoughtful evolution for automatic car washes

Premium and Air Plus recommended from:

500 to 1.500 washings/month

Intelligent wash

More where you need it.

A vehicle's surface is not perfectly uniform. Some areas need more power, some a lighter touch. The computer system that traces the vehicle's profile, combined with the degree of adaptability offered by the control software allow you to program more rollovers on the parts of the vehicles that with the most stubborn stains or dirt, or in the harder to dry places. This means you get great attention to detail and the highest degree of system control.

Heightened optimization

Intelligent customization.

A system of productivity and efficiency are proportional to the ability to personalize the wash phases / timing, and to combine different functions (horizontal brush + wheel washing + foam + lateral high-pressure). Pegasus Tech is - and we can guarantee this - the most efficient system in the Car Wash market. This means a greater number of operations, over thirty configurations, with the fewest passes.

The interface

Intuitive and efficient.

The interface brings the many configurations and programming possibilities of the Pegasus Tech cycles to the user. Simple commands combined with intuitive programming software make for an "intelligent", easy-to-use wash system, making all of its many options easy to access.

Pegasus Tech is available in 2 versions:

Premium version+ RE-PASSING

Brush-stroke movement.

This version is distinguished by the horizontal action of the device, equipped with safety bars along the sides, which carries out the pre-wash, wash and dry phases. The device follows along the vehicle's profile in perfect alignment, which is memorized in real time. The movement is almost like a brushstroke: smooth, even and effective, reassuring the customer of the highest attention to the safety of their vehicle.
The freedom to program and optimize - a hallmark of all Pegasus Tech parts - the duplicate pass cycles at high pressure, with emollient and during the drying phase, ensures a noticeable improvement in wash times, making for a thorough clean.

Air Plus version (Ceccato Trademark)

Synchronized movement for added value.

The water and air rotating sprayers provides a winning solution for a more complete wash and drying.
The high-pressure water follows the surfaces with an excellent cleaning power, while the visual effect of the powerful water jets gives to the customers the pleasure of an efficient cleaning.
The oscillating fans generates air flows with an elliptical trajectory with an all-encompassing effect that helps the water to flow away quickly and freely, moving it towards the drainage areas.
Result: a perfectly dry car.
The combined, in-sync action of the rotating / shifting motions and the option of varying the speed make for an effective, safe, and customer-approved wash / dry system.