LustraFoam with Carnauba Wax 431


LustraFoam with Carnauba Wax 431

LustraFoam® with Carnauba Wax is a foaming sealant fortified with carnauba wax to provide a deep, glossy, shine. Carnauba is the hardest wax known and is a natural water repellent and UV protector. Provide your customers with an exceptional show and unique pleasing scent.



  • Ultra concentrated
  • UV protection
  • Fast water break
  • Beading ability
  • High gloss finish
  • Great fragrance


  • Convenience and value
  • Protect finish from the sun
  • Produces drier cars
  • Long lasting water beading
  • Protective barrier, increasing vehicle's surface gloss
  • Increased customer appeal