LustraSheild with BDR 441


LustraSheild with BDR 441

Premium Total Surface Gloss with iridescent brighteners, ultraviolet protection and Advanced brightening Polymers that bond to the vehicle, producing a smooth surface and increasing the vehicle’s gloss. Rinse water virtually explodes off the vehicle’s surface. Includes BDR to repel brake dust, protect from road grime and winter road chemicals. Pleasing grape scent and purple colour in the product.



  • Ultra concentrated
  • UV Protection
  • Fast water break
  • Beading ability
  • High gloss finish
  • Great fragrance


  • Convenience and value
  • Protect finish from sun
  • Produces drier vehicles
  • Long lasting water beading
  • Protective barrier, increasing vehicle's surface gloss
  • Increased customer appeal with scent