Club Pet


Club Pet

GinSan understands that diversifying product services can immediately and positively effect profitability and market share. Adding a Pet Spa provides a niche product with additional curb appeal that encourages growth and attracts a whole new customer base. With multiple product configurations and graphic schemes available, the all inclusive GinSan Pet Spa will keep your customers and their pets begging for more.


Options and Accessories*

Coin Acceptor Options — Sensortron™, Multitron™.

Bill Acceptor Option — MARS bill acceptor.

Credit Card Acceptor

ExpressKEY® — Cashless System that uses keys which can be revalued.

Clean Pet Vac — Water extractor with hose and nozzle tool.

Clean Pet Dryer — Blow dryer withhigh and low settings with hose and nozzle tool.

J-Hook — Keeps hoses organized and out of the way.

Signage — Coordinates with meterbox overlay and graphics. Choose the Package, Clean Pet Dryer, and/or Clean Pet Vac.

Custom Pricing Signs — Ask your representative about options.