Compact - Ultra and Ultimate


Compact - Ultra and Ultimate

GinSan's Ultimate System is designed specifically to meet the needs of the self-service car wash operator. This System encompasses proven technology, providing the self-serve owner with confidence and "peace of mind." Our staff of professionals brings you strength and experience—designing, manufacturing and operating self-service equipment for 30 years. We know the importance of "Sensible Value" and build it into every part of the Ultimate System.


System Options:

Ultimate System: Allows up to eight bay functions in addition to the "safety stop" (standard)

Ultra System: Allows up to twelve bay functions in addition to the "safety stop" (optional)

(Must be used in conjunction with GinSan "Ultra" meterboxes)


  • 5 HP / 3 phase 208/230 VAC motors (standard)
  • CAT SCP2120W pumps (standard)
  • CAT SCP6120 pumps (optional)

High Pressure Tank Assembly (soap, rinse, wax) (standard)

  • Tanks assembled with industry standard 506 hydrominders for automatic mixing of all cleaning agents and solutions

Low Pressure Tank Assembly (foam brush, tire cleaner, pre-soak) (standard)

  • Each low pressure tank is assembled with the industry standard 506 hydrominder and independent air/liquid solenoid banks for maximum bay presentation
  • 4th LP function (optional)
  • Air operated diaphragm pumps for delivery of pre-soak (standard) Foam brush, tire cleaner, and optional 4th LP function

Thermostatically controlled foam brush changeover system (1 phase, 120 VAC) (optional)

  • Automatically switches foam brush soap between antifreeze solution and summer solution minimizing expense

Low water cut-off pump protection (1 phase, 120 VAC) (standard)

Thermostatically controlled weep system (standard)

*Production specifications subject to change without notice