Direct Drive


Direct Drive

With property and building costs rising, GinSan understands that maximizing the use of your space is a key component in the success of any investment. With over 30 years of proven performance and a product line driven by you, the customer, GinSan has once again successfully engineered a system that provides you an economical, space-efficient solution built to the unsurpassed GinSan standard. Whether you are retrofitting or building new... the GinSan Direct Drive System is the perfect fit!



  • System will accomodate up to 6 bays
  • 3 HP motors / 3 phase 208/230V (system standard)
  • 3 HP motors / 1 phase (optional)
  • 5 HP motors / 3 phase (optional)
  • Cat 2314 direct drive pumps (system standard)

*Note: Arimitsu pumps available

• High pressure tank assembly (soap, rinse, wax) (optional)

  • Tanks assembled with industry standard 506 hydrominders for automatic mixing of all cleaning agents and solutions

• Wall mount low pressure system (optional)

  • Each low pressure tank is assembled with the industry standard 506 hydrominder and independent air/liquid solenoid banks for maximum

bay presentation.

• Thermostatically controlled foam brush changeover system (1 phase, 120V) (optional)

  • Automatically switches foam brush soap between antifreeze solution and summer solution minimizing expense

• Independent bay washdown activation (optional)

  • Activates high pressure rinse on each bay individually

• Independent bay hour meter (optional)

  • Monitors individual bay usage time of HP pump

• GinSan GS-401 24 volt timer (optional)

  • Utilized in applications where meterbox doors do not have time activation

• Thermostatically controlled weep system (1 phase, 120V) (optional)

*Production specifications subject to change without notice.