HW Cube


HW Cube

Our ISTOBAL HW’KUBE model is compact and versatile. It is suitable for any commercial vehicle: vans, lorries, trailer trucks, buses, coaches, or any other special vehicle.


ISTOBAL HW’KUBE has a robust cubic structure made of hot-dip galvanized steel. Its side columns have an embedded shampoo-dosing system and frequency converters for rollover travel and speed control. Pneumatically controlled with a double bearing assembly, the vertical brushes are available in high-density polyethylene to ensure an effective wash. Two brush-pressure levels automatically adapt depending on the type of vehicle to be washed. Service lines to the rollover can be run on an energy chain, a loop connection, or a static or swinging post and the machine includes up to two different water types.


  • Horizontal brush
  • External command post
  • Lower side high pressure
  • Drive-through underchassis wash
  • Foamy chemical spray
  • Manual high pressure