CE II Code System


CE II Code System

Our advanced system offers greater flexibility when dealing with customer accounts.


Maximizes vehicle wash sales by adding multiple sales points. At remote locations, our offsite point-of-sale (POS) System can generate wash codes that can be redeemed at our CE II code entry unit without any type of connection.

  • Uses all industry standard gas pump interface protocols
  • Designed for easy installation and configuration to operate with CE code II keypad code entry units
  • Allows up to 12 different wash packages
  • Ability to generate wash codes with 4 different pricing levels, which are full price, discount 1, discount 2 or free wash
  • Includes a verify code feature to determine whether a wash code has been sold, used or expired
  • Can be used with three different users or work shifts
  • Password protection for user operation, administration and set-up features
  • Abitility to generate user reports, periodic sales & usage reports


  • Capability of creating up to 10,000 customer accounts with the ability to manage them with an account management screen
  • Ability to set-up time-based pricing for customer accounts, giving special pricing during specific wash hours of the day
  • Ability to set-up time-based wash upgrade at no charge
  • Ability to set-up pre-pay and post-pay customer accounts and detailed tracking of their use
  • Generate sales invoices for customer accounts
  • Emails pertinent sales & carwash usage information
  • Expanded local storage capability of sales data and detailed reporting capability
  • Optional informer carwash diagnostic module
  • Share codes between multiple carwashes through the internet