Managing your wash site just got easier.


Managing your wash site just got easier. Now with the r-TC remote tunnel controller, you can manage your site from virtually anywhere. You can even monitor multiple sites from one location. The system is web, Wi-Fi and email enabled for maximum remote flexibility and seamless connectivity. Receiver of the 2010 International Carwash Association Car Care Expositions (CCWE) Leadership in Innovation award.

  • Modular System accommodates nearly any tunnel configuration
  • Easily integrates with new and existing tunnel equipment
  • Equipment based, simple programming via internet browser
  • Program your tunnel without interrupting the flow of your business
  • Access detail reports

Utilizing the latest technology in the industry; the r-TC incorporates a number of advanced features.

  • Vivid color touchscreen interface
  • Includes VFD output capabilities, ultrasonic chemical level monitoring and advanced vehicle configuring
  • Temperature sensors can measure hot water and ambient air temperature
  • Preventative maintenance features work to eliminate potential downtime
  • Troubleshoot potential problems in the tunnel advanced diagnostics
  • View reports of current alarms and past alarm history