Wrap Around Brushes

Motor City Wash Works

Wrap Around BrushesWrap Around BrushesWrap Around Brushes

The Motor City Cross-Over™ Wrap Arounds hug the contour of the most difficult vehicle shapes just like white-on-rice.


The Cross-Over is soft, quiet and gentle, so customers will love it. Its fluid, natural movement cleans the front, sides and the rear of vehicles from top to bottom while overlapping the front and rear of cars by 2/3rds on every pass. The Cross-Over™ operates within an amazingly small 14 foot envelope, at an incredible wash speed of 180 cars per hour. The Cross-Over features independent controls for the driver and passenger sides, flexible heads to contour better, and built in foam streamers to apply a rich lather of soap foam. From 80 to 180CPH, you will be amazed at how consistently it operates.


  • Only 14ft. of tunnel length required
  • 10’ overall height
  • Foam Streamers™ are standard for excellent lubrication and cleaning
  • Hidden utility runs create a cleaner and more professional design
  • Wash Material is available as C-Channel Foam, Star Foam or Foam Uppers with Cotton Cloth™ bottoms
  • Aluminum structure with Color Skinz™ snap-on covers for added appeal
  • Great cleaning up to 180 cars per hour
  • Incorporates knuckling arms with flexible head design for superior penetration and gentle cleaning on the front, sides and rear of the vehicles